14 septembre 2015

Moving my demo to Docker

Last Thursday I went to local Java User Group for the very first run of my new talk "(Docker, Jenkins) -> { Orchestrating Continuous Delivery }".

I've planned for this talk since june, but actually started to work on it on ... Tuesday, and got demo setup on Thursday in the morning :-\ As an expected result, the demo all failed, while the talk was mostly appreciated afaict.

How to make my demo more reproducible ? Hey, this is what the conference is talking about after all : setup reproducible build environment using Docker containers ! So let's use the same technique to host the demo itself.

The demo is using Cloudbees Jenkins Enterprise docker image, jetty to deploy built web apps, and docker registry to deploy docker images. I could run them by hand, but sounds better to rely on docker-compose to handle all the plumbing !

# Jenkins master, running on default http 80 port
  image: cloudbees/jenkins-enterprise
    - "80:8080"
    - "50000:50000"
    # JENKINS_HOME, from host with pre-defined demo jobs
    - ./jenkins-home:/var/jenkins_home
    # Required host stuff so jenkins can run `docker` command to start containers
    - /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock
    - /usr/local/bin/docker:/usr/local/bin/docker
    # We "deploy" to jetty with a plain `cp`
    - webserver    
    - webserver
    - docker-registry
  user: jenkins:100 # 'docker' group, required to access docker.sock  

# Jetty web server to run tests, staging and production
  image: jetty:9
    - "8080:8080"
    - ./webapps:/var/lib/jetty/webapps

# Our private docker registry
  image: registry
    - "5000:5000"

The demo relies on a set of preconfigured jobs, so jenkin-home is bind mounted from the demo root directory. I had to configure bunch of .gitignore rules so I can share this config but not the build history and all other local jenkins stuff.

Webserver webapps directory could not be bind mounted, just relying on volumes, but then I get a permission error when Jenkins jobs tries to copy the war to jetty's volume. This could be fixed if we have #7198 resolved.

As the demo do run some docker tasks, I'm bind-mounting docker unix socket and cli executable in jenkins container, so it can build and start new containers. Docker Workflow plugin demo do use Docker-in-Docker for this, but I wanted to avoid using this hack (also read this). But a side effect is I need to configure the jenkins user with adequate permission so it can access the docker daemon socket, which means it has to be in the docker group. I'd like to use user: jenkins:docker, but the later doesn't work as --user do expect either a numeric ID, or user name for a declared user in the container, but not a host user/group name (I haven't found a related docker issue).

Last but not least, docker demo failed. I eventually understood the issue comes from bind mounted volumes.

JENKINS_HOME is set in jenkins container as /var/jenkins_home; this path is bind mounted from current directory /Users/nicolas/demo/jenkins-home. When docker-workflow creates as container to run continuous delivery pipeline steps inside containers, it tries to bind mount this exact same directory, but with my setup it does this on a side container (not a nested one, as in the original demo). As a result, this build container get some /var/jenkins_home/job/demo/workspace bind mounted, expecting to get there the project source files; but such a file doesn't exists on host, resulting in JENKINS-28821. This could be fixed if workflow can detect it's running inside a container, and uses --volume-from. I'll investigate such a fix. In the meantime, I've created a symlink on host as an ugly workaround.

Ok, so this was not such a trivial thing, and there's few things to get polished, but with this setup I now can share my demo, cleanup my environment with git clean -fdx, and get it up and running with a simple docker-compose up.

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