20 novembre 2015

DockerCon'15 Lego Moby Dock

I went to DockerCon Europe'15, and will post some feedback about this conference on this blog later next week, but in the meantime I'd like to share with you a major information from Docker Inc :

They updated the Lego Moby Dock design !

Last year at DockerCon Europe, they offered all keynote attendees a lego set to build a small docker whale. You could then pick up "containers" to plug on it from sponsors booth. Was lot's of fun.

At Barcelona, they did the same, but used a more advanced Moby Dock model, bigger and with rounded body. This one is another proof of nice Lego design expertise, but as the previous model I'm disappointed by the tail design. Due to it's shape and angle with whale body it's hard to find adequate lego brick for this job.

Back from Barcelona, I spent some time (don't tell my boss) searching in kid's legos for the adequate block. Here is the result :


Tail is a bit to big compared to original design, but looks better imho. As I wasn't able to find where to send a pull-request for this, here is the instructions for you to do the same.

You'll need those extra block :

  • Remove existing tail, drop the 2x1 plate you won't need. 
  • Plug the two roof tile 45° blocks (304023) into the special angular 1x1 brick (407023). One on the standard mounting hole, the other on the back, which on this brick is a square hole with adequate weight to plug a brick. 
  • Add the two opposite slopping block from original set to complete the tail.

I made a lego digital designer model as this isn't such a trivial thing to explain this :)

If you can't find the angle brick, you also can use a 1x1 brick with two round slots (4583862) and plug the upper tail in opposite side.

I also made larger containers, to mimic the Docker logo. They're a bit too large for the model, but look nice. Just need to get some profile 2x1 brick (4210636) for the adequate container look.

Building instruction is left as an exercise to the reader :)

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